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About the project

JSC Tekhnobank has been working in Belarus since 1994. It is universal bank with a wide list of products for individuals and business. Some of services are unique for Belarus: electronic money of the international WebMoney Transfer system (bank guarantor) and return of the VAT from purchases abroad (the systems Global Blue, Premier Tax Free, etc.).

It was necessary to emphasize all features of work of the bank, to create universal guidelines according to which sale of products will be based. At the same time the website had to correspond to modern technical realities (fast loading, work on different devices) and safety requirements. For this purpose we used CMS 1C-Bitrix that’s why JSC Tekhnobank addressed us.

Its customer focus became the main feature of the website: we not simply offer the visitor the list of services (deposits, credits), we solve his daily problems (I want to increase the capital, I want to buy the refrigerator). Therefore the functionality of "filtration" of banking products is available already from the homepage and in 1 clique you can receive the necessary service.

After the main rotator of big banners there are 4 static banners on the most demanded services. The business experience of the “New Website" has laid the foundation for the implementation of effective bank solutions: exchange rates, the converter, offices and ATMs in the necessary city, online selection of services, the online consultant and news

Lending for the main sections

We didn’t use a traditional model of the homepage. Usually there is information for individuals, services for business and ordinary people on the homepage so that visitors can be confused. So why not to make several homepages for each concrete audience? And to set everyone as a target to receive maximum conversion! We've done this! :)

The menu which speaks "human" language

As a rule, the menu on the website of a bank is a main headache of visitors. It is so often difficult to understand a big variety of terms and sections. We used a method of the return card sorting to define optimum structure of menu items. As a result in each section of the website got only 4 categories! We applied this method of sorting to keep continuity with the previous version and to reveal its weak places.

Virtual branch of the bank

Each page of the website is always aimed at conversion: whether it is an online application, a scheme of receiving service, a list of offices where service can be received. Thus, all "movement" of the visitor on the website progressively leads to conversion in the client of bank. As a result: load of call centers decreases, time of employees is saved on places, and, above all — we save time of simple people.

Offices and ATMs

The second popular page of any bank is a page with information about units, ATMs and currency exchange offices. Switching between the interactive mode of the card and more detailed mode of the list is realized in this section. Each version possesses special features according to the requirements of different audiences that will be undoubtedly estimated by future visitors of the website.

Filtration of products

We’ve managed to develop the general structure of pages with lists of services which is ideally suited for any section. Whether it is a list of credits or purchase of commemorative coins —there is a convenient filter or a "clever" calculator of selection everywhere. Common logic of registration helps the visitor easily understand how to use the website in any place.

Completely adaptive and responsive design

As a rule, the adaptive design means only work within 3-5 resolutions of devices (but even ordinary monitors have hundreds of different types, let alone smartphones ). We have applied to it the principles of responsiveness: now the website completely "rubber" and also "respond" to everyone’s movement of a mouse or a finger. So the visitor understands the movement of every element.

If you want to work with us, please contact us by email [email protected] or fill  the feedback form

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