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About the project

"System technologies" is the largest supplier of complex IT solutions for banking, financial and industrial spheres. The company has begun to change the image radically and decided to improve the website as a major communication channel . System technologies have much to tell about the business therefore we worked a lot to highlight the main issues that required special attention.

New brand book reflects a technological effectiveness of the company. We have considered that technological effectiveness doesn't mean complexity, the distinctive feature of the professional is an ability to explain the main point in simple words. Therefore we have used a number of "friendly" metaphors and infographics which help to understand the difficult "message".

Navigation on services and products

The company offers diverse services and ready decisions for many branches: from retail trade to banks. Several "routes" of users have been developed: each service can be found in different ways (through specific needs or through the branch).

Adaptive design

The existence of a mobile version or adaptive website has already become a standard ( it is convenient to use the website on any device within one domain). We have gone further and have made the design "responsive": each element of the interface itself interacts with a user, the website always occupies all useful area of the display. Besides, there are a lot of clients of the company which use outdated browsers, so we have developed a special version of the website for them.

Well-organized internal pages

There are no simple text pages оn the website: each section is organized in a way that a visitor could make the action— conversion or microconversion (a step to larger action). Depending on the current section, it can be a question to the manager, order of the presentation or sending summary for open vacancy. We always offer an alternative choice: other product or other information which can be useful so that the interaction didn't stop on the current page.

Career in the company

If you want to work with us, please contact us by email [email protected] or fill  the feedback form

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