The best shop of lighting engineering
in Russia

About the project

There are more than 140 000 goods in the catalog! The company is the largest distributor of global manufacturers of light sources, light and electrotechnical equipment in Russia. Clients of the website are both wholesale customers, end users and organizations. Also employees of render services of design light decisions.

The location of offices extends to all Russia and Belarus. At such scope and multiplicity of stock-list we needed to create the instrument of purchases, available to the buyer and the seller.

In the rotator of main banners there is a trigger allowing to switch from popular discounts to advantages of the shop. So we influence both the current audience and potential new clients.

Convenient menu

For some sections we have added a feature to create their own structures in 1C-Bitriks which differ from the imported structure of 1C:Enterprise. It is convenient for popular sections to show end users necessary directions: when it is necessary we give categories, in another case — popular brands, in the third — structure from 1C.

Catalog of goods

When the list of goods consists of 140 000 positions, the most difficult thing is to allocate all this volume competently in a form, convenient for the buyer. It’s rather complicated when you have wholesale and ordinary buyers (whose desktop bulb has just burned out). Thus, we need not only the structure, but also the system of filters. We add the mechanism of selection of analogs and the online assistant in the choice of goods. Now the catalog is ready to everyday work!

Goods card

If you have a large number of goods the main problem is a bad completing of fields of description, photo, characteristics and the "connected" goods (substitutes, analogs or accessories). But on the other hand, we have catalogs of the producer in pdf. In that case we simply implement a build-in PDF-viewer and so, we have already an opportunity to sell this position effectively right now, without waiting when the content manager will add these goods to the catalog.

Registration of the order

Well-functioning shopping cart is a «business card» of our websites. At this stage we have an opportunity to lower the workload of operators of orders: instead of cancellation of the order due to the lack of some positions the system automatically offer goods analogs, explain delivery conditions and count discounts. After registration of the order we still continue to work with the client, giving a wide range of opportunities on tracking of the order, formation of payment documents and subscription.

If you want to work with us, please contact us by email [email protected] or fill  the feedback form

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