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About the project

At the beginning we analyze the current mobile version of the website. On its basis we make a list of changes which are required to be implemented, so that users of iOS-devices could feel the future shop as a"native" application. Since it will be the full application, we can solve at once all problems of authorization — it will be "smooth" and native (including the built-in Facebook authorization, as with any other program on iOS). We estimate dimensions of screens for iPhone 4, 5 and 6, we mark the guideline and write the accompanying text.

New fast menu

Triger at the top menu allow to change quickly grocery and household sections of the huge catalog. Even having opened some item, by means of graphical icons (which don't totally dissapear) it is possible to move quickly to other section. Of course, all images of categories perfectly look on retina-screens.

Fast shopping cart

Fast shopping cart of the mobile website became even quicker in a mobile application. It is possible to connect easily your own profile with the account on Facebook or to pay for your purchase through PayPal. The possibility to authorize and confirm your purchase through Apple TouchID will be added in the future (fingerprint identification).

Filtration of goods according to characteristics

There are more than 120 000 goods in the Sas catalog so that you can get confused. Besides customary search, there are convenient filters in the application so that it is possible to sort goods by price, producer and other important parameters.

Change of elements under requirements of Apple HIG and App Store

iOS has only just changed the guidelines which began to set the tone for all new applications in App Store. On the basis of new standard sizes and requirements we have remade the current mobile website in the intuitive application for users of Apple.

If you want to work with us, please contact us by email [email protected] or fill  the feedback form

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