Promo-site Golden Alfa
for Alfa-Bank

About the project

"Golden Alfa" is a loyalty program for owners of Alfa-Bank bonus cards. It was necessary not only to show advantages to potential clients of Alfa-Bank, but also to already existing owners of gold, platinum and still god knows what exclusive cards.

There’s no much Information so we decide to make everything within the one-page website as a puff pie. The main menu at the top of the page will help to be guided in this diversity . We stake at big visual images and color coding of each floor.

We analyze the target audience then we come to a portrait of a typical consumer of this service.

Other information is confidential.

Anastasia Petrovich, head of the bonus GoldenAlfa program of CJSC Alfa-Bank (Belarus):

Alfa-Bank and the New Website company have addressed a difficult task. It was necessary to design the website of our bonus GoldenAlfa program so that it meet several requirements at once. The first requirement is that of the bank: the website has to be representative because GoldenAlfa is a program for special clients and it has to be visible from the first visit of the website. Besides, it has to be clear to new clients what concrete advantages this program has. Secondly, the requirement of clients is that the website should be convenient and clear, give a maximum of opportunities, but at the same time it should be simple in use. And, of course, it has to work equally well not only at computers, but also at tablets. And thirdly, there are requirements of partners of the program that the website should provide various options of the presentation of the companies entering the GoldenAlfa program. Conditions differ among different partners, and the range of services which clients of Alfa-Bank can use, is very big.

As a result we have received what was necessary for all: presentableness and convenience, simplicity and ample opportunities.

The visual images disclosing the main advantages of the Golden Alfa program

We have divided the subjects of banners in several directions of cards using: travel, discounts according to the partner program, online services and bonuses. All these things have popularity among cards owners and also help to attract new clients.

Key advantages

Now from key advantages we pass to bonuses. We illustrate each point by its own icon, we think over the possibilities of growth of the menu and smooth effects of changing the sections.

Partner program

Further we have a list of partners in categories and a small filter. Everything is clear on this page: a short view with icons and addresses, a detailed view with a photo gallery, descriptions and key points on the map.

And, of course, online order of the card

All website has linear structure so the visitor obtains information consistently, "without turning on the way". It is an easy way to make the interface simple for understanding. At the end of the page there is a laconic and large form for ordering the banking card.

If you want to work with us, please contact us by email [email protected] or fill  the feedback form

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