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About the project

It was required to develop online store for the shoe Baldi brand which has the shops all over the world to expand the sphere of influence on local and world markets.

As we often buy clothes on the Internet, we couldn't remain indifferent to the assigned task. Having collected all accumulated knowledge and experience of Internet sales we have developed convenient design of the shop. The offer to make the adaptive design of the site has been met with enthusiasm so the store looks great at any device.

"Clever" Shoe Finder

In addition to filters in the catalog of goods we have offered functionality of a Shoe Finder in the form of the game test. Answering simple questions of preferences of the person, qualities which are pleasant to him in footwear, we make the list of models which will suit the buyer.

Convenient, usual catalogue

The catalogue has evident filters which are easy for switching on and off. Updating of the page happens by means of Ajax without reset of the page. On targeting the visitor sees variety of color scale of goods and can, without coming on a goods card, look at the footwear he’s interested in.

Commodity offer

The footwear on a card of goods sells itself at the expense because of big images. We didn't use already ready decisions but constructed the unique lightbox, such small trifles allow the website to gain the identity. There is maximum useful information on the page: responses, accompanying goods, history of viewings, information on availability and delivery.

We unite wishlist and the postponed goods

At design of a Shopping Cart we don't forget about non-standard scenarios of behavior, we make a difficult guideline of various notifikators and windows. We decide that there is a sense to unite functionality of a wishlist and the postponed goods. In fact it is the same, goods which the buyer "would like, but haven't bought now". The only difference from the common list of desires is that you won't share it with friends.

Private office

On the website Baldi a private office is not a simple formality. There is everything that can be useful to the buyer: management of addresses, subscriptions, personal data, history of orders and wish-list. The convenient interface is made for each point which, of course, has adaptive design, as well as the main website has.

If you want to work with us, please contact us by email [email protected] or fill  the feedback form

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