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About the project

After several years of successful work with Belrosbank, Alfa-Bank has addressed us to update its current website which hasn’t met the requirements of time. It was required to develop desktop and mobile versions of the website. But we thought it is not enough and decided to make the adaptive website which would work well not only at phones and screens of the computers, but also at other mobile devices: tablets and phone tablets. It is necessary to add that there are always high requirements for support of old browsers on the websites of banks so that any client of bank has an access to all functions.

The homepage has maximum functionalities: search, big menu, actual banking products, news, the adjusted widgets and many other things.

Dmitry Vaganov, director of the department of marketing and public relations of CJSC Alfa-Bank (Belarus):

"The new official site is a reflection of "Alfa-Bank". First of all we the team of an active, successfully developing Bank- innovator, which is convenient for daily use by clients. The website of Bank hasn't just changed its appearance. Much attention has been paid to make the site convenient to the client. While using advanced technologies (clear navigation, high degree of transparency of information, flexibility in settings), we aimed at the creation of maximum degree of comfort for our clients".

Why the menu has to be boring?
Each element of the website has to work for conversion!

Transfer to online services

Now clients don’t need to go anywhere anymore to receive a bank card, to take a loan or to open a deposit. There is a simple description, a clear instruction and a calculator оn the website which make easier the service registration.

Unique design of each product and section

The page of services is informative and interactive: the flexible set of styles allows to elaborate individually any section of the website. Naturally, everything has to work perfectly at any device.

Simple and extended type of services

To understand all variety of services of Alfa-Bank, the visitor is able to use a convenient comparative mode. At the same time it can be both the simple table of characteristics and more difficult mechanism of the calculator or selection step wizard, which cuts unsuitable options to the visitor.

Convenient search for offices and ATMs

It’s easy to define where it is necessary to go by means of evident visualization of the schedule of offices. If you allow the browser or the mobile phone to transfer data about the location, then there will be an opportunity to define the nearest offices and to lay a route to them.

Individual design of plastic cards

The online designer allows creating a plastic card of your dream: with any arrangement of elements and any picture.

Unique templates for key pages

The huge work on creation of creative content has been done. More than one hundred banners, icons, background pictures and texts which work for conversion in each case were created.

Beauty in details

Many guidelines have been created. Detailed instruction helps to understand all richness of styles and opportunities. For about 120 unique models, unaccepted options and the presentations have been done totally.

If you want to work with us, please contact us by email [email protected] or fill  the feedback form

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